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Is It Difficult to Start Writing an Annotation on Your Own?


At the beginning of the diploma there is such a document as an abstract. An abstract is needed in order to briefly reflect the content of the project. This is not a detailed description of the work done, but a kind of hint to the seeker of information about whether it is worth paying for this thesis work, whether it contains the information necessary for the reader.


The annotation for the thesis and term paper is sometimes performed in several languages. It can be the official language and others. The writing requirements state that the annotation in different languages should be the same in meaning, and the translation should be as accurate as possible.


Therefore, in order to write a correct annotation for a diploma, it is enough to complete and format one text, and then translate it into other languages. The number of translations and languages are indicated in the methodological recommendations on how the thesis is carried out. Below we will consider how to write an annotation for the diploma.


Thesis: how to write an abstract


Thesis work is always done on a specific topic. It should be written at the beginning of the document. It is indicated by whom the thesis was completed, that is, the name of the student is written.


The abstract should contain a description of the structure of the thesis research. Here is a typical example: “A master's thesis consists of an introduction, three chapters, a conclusion, a bibliography of 64 titles, and appendices. The total volume of work is 116 pages, which contain 21 tables and 3 figures, 8 appendices. This is followed by write my research paper the main part - the key provisions of the work. In the part that is devoted to the introduction, the goals, the list of tasks, the subject and object of study are indicated.


Each chapter is described below. Here is a typical example: “In the first chapter of the master's thesis, the theoretical foundations of organizing work with corporate clients as a target segment of the corporate tourism market are revealed. The second chapter analyzes the features of the corporate customer service processes at Pegas LLC. In the third chapter, directions for improving the mechanism for managing the processes of servicing corporate clients in Pegas LLC are proposed. This description represents the tasks completed during the writing of each chapter.


At the end, write general conclusions from the study. The rules for their creation say that you need to say a few words about what the work is about. For example: “The master's thesis presents conclusions on the organization of corporate customer service. The analysis of the processes of servicing corporate clients in Pegas LLC. Practical recommendations are given to improve the mechanism for managing corporate customer service processes.


You can also focus in the conclusion on the services for practical, scientific value of the results of the student's activities. The conclusion of the annotations takes one paragraph of medium size.

How an annotation is formatted


Rules for writing annotations to the diploma:[*]The basic design rules are set out in the guidelines for writing. They say that you need to format the text using Times New Romans size fourteen, using one and a half spacing. The typography can be helped by using bold text to highlight key elements.[*]It is better to write the amount of text that is enough to fill one page. Some types of annotations contain a list of keywords at the bottom in capital letters. This list includes up to ten basic words and terms that characterize the thesis.

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